Monday, 9 May 2016

Attitude adjustment

The sun had put its hat on. And it was as though everyone came out to play. The Lido was hectic. I'm not sure why this took me by surprise. It was the first Saturday morning that the temperature could lure out even the most part time of swimmers.

I am anything but a part time aquatic enthusiast. But I mistimed this swim by a mile. As I surveyed the chaos, two other regulars (already sensibly swum out) greeted me and we remarked upon the influx of wetsuit clad 'seals' who have most likely only now emerged from warmer climes (indoor heated pools). 

I almost talked myself out of the swim. I'm so glad I didn't; I exited the chatter rather abruptly and quickly got changed. Before getting in, I checked in with a friendly lifeguard I have come to know over the less clement months during which I've swum length after length, week in week out. She observed how little 'etiquette' was on display in the water, and I resolved to simply see how it went, committing to coming back later if it all proved too much.

The pool was busy. But there was plenty enough room for us all. Somehow, I found a channel through the crowd. I breathed into my stroke, got into a comfortable steady rhythm and relaxed into the lengths in spite of the now rather choppy water. 

I thought about very little to do with my fellow swimmers. Most of them were easy enough to spot: clad in black neoprene visibility is little effort. I renewed my intention to enjoy my sunny swim, and to swim for only as long as I was enjoying myself. 

3.7k or 2¼ miles later I got out feeling replete and complete.  Another swim, and another reminder...  Besides a good breakfast, I attribute the progress of my long swim to the attitude with which it was commenced and continued.  

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.