Saturday, 17 September 2011

Making waves

A recent trip to the pool reminded me of the importance of tolerance, letting go and acceptance.  Just as there are different ways people 'do' their recovery, people have different ways to enjoy the water.  Mine happens to be swimming.  Up and down, ideally with a lane to myself.  Others prefer to jump and jive about in the water.  Aqua is a keep-fit class that takes place from time to time in the pool I like to swim at.  It's not for me to judge what goes on in the lane beside me (or, as is more usually the case, the greater part of the pool that gets reserved for the class).  Continuing to swim amidst the ripples and waves that their athletic aquatics create is a challenge, but one that is made all the easier when I keep the focus on myself and my breath, and remember that swimming, like recovery, is better when I'm kind to myself and to others.  Time passes more quickly, and I get much more done.  The 'ripple effect' is clear to see, particularly mid way through the class, when they're getting into the swing of the routines (which do look so funny when demonstrated by the land loving, fully clothed poolside dry instructor), and provides a very real reminder of the impact my own actions may have on those around me.  Apparently there will shortly be a new addition to the pool timetable: Aqua Zumba...

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