Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Fighting a good fight with great grace

Ok, so I'm just a tinsey winsey little bit in awe of this woman.  But, before you leap to any conclusions, allow me to illuminate you as to her recent triumphs.  As though surviving three rounds of chemo weren't enough, this lady is on her bike, and racing through the cycles.  Inspiration personified.  That's Charlotte.

She certainly is fighting a good fight, and my own little battle which takes place in the gym most days continues alongside her awesome efforts.  As I approach my yoga practice, I offer my poses up in her name.  As I swim lengths, I think of her.  As I lift my weights, I add an extra 1.25kg on each end, in her honour.  As I clip onto pedals, I do so with pride.  In Combat classes, I punch harder than my shoulders are inclined to and kick higher than my hips hope to.  I am so full of loving admiration for the person who inspired me to exercise as an undergraduate where such pastimes were frowned upon by a great many of our fellow students.   

My respect for her is boundless, and so too is my determination to support her in any way I can.  Since learning of her diagnosis, it's as though the adverts on the radio for Macmillan and Cancer Research are several decibels louder than anything else on air.  They stop me in my tracks and bring back to the foreground of my mind my dear friend's daily challenge to live alongside and beat the hated alien.

26 miles in 26 days

If you haven't already, please don't think twice to sponsor Charlotte's (not so) little sister run 26 miles and 385 yards for The Prostate Cancer Charity and Breast Cancer Care - the Joint Official Charity of the 2012 Virgin London Marathon. 
Do your bit to send cancer on its way.   

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