Saturday, 21 April 2012

The little things

A new storage solution feels to have changed a great deal more than I had envisaged it might.  Embodying the slogan 'keep it simple' the process involved a little de-cluttering and a lot more re-organising, and then deciding where to re-place things.  Having dismantled one piece of IKEA furniture and assembled another, there was an opportunity to clear the wreckage of the past and re-evaluate what I have been holding onto, in terms of my material possessions, and explore my relationships with various bits and bobs looking ahead.  Suddenly, my new shelves have enabled me to see more clearly as not only are things better organised, they are in clear view.  Things have made it out of the drawers, and are now boldly and proudly on display.  Why would I want to hide my treasures that give me so much pleasure?  Photos have been put in frames, books have been arranged more accessibly and things come to hand more easily.  I have brought order into a small corner of a room, and instantly feel better for it. 

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