Saturday, 8 September 2012

A breath of fresh air

This is England.  Having a picnic on a village green, in front of a pond complete with ducks, geese (and a few mice) was a lovely, and somewhat unexpected treat this weekend.  Only a week ago, I schlepped to Glasgow and back, an exhausting if rewarding Saturday - the contrast struck me this afternoon.  I am so glad that my present work tends not to involve long distance travel.  Whilst Swiss Cottage has, at times, felt like the other end of the earth, the reality is that sitting on planes and trains is less than usual in my ordinary routine which does not often take me into airport lounges.  Thank goodness.  Walking through Terminal 5 late on Saturday night I realised how disorientating airports are.  One could be forgiven for having no clue as to the time of day, or the local climate, whilst in an environment that for me, felt utterly alien.  The glitz of Duty Free, and the overpriced food franchises lack appeal, but it is the air conditioning and vast expanse of artificially lit hall that I would find most challenging were this mode of travel a more regular feature of my itinerary.  A delicious picnic later, and I have renewed gratitude for my work, and where I do it.
"It is not easy to walk alone in the country without musing upon something."
Charles Dickens
"I roamed the countryside searching for answers
to things I did not understand."
Leonardo da Vinci


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