Sunday, 20 January 2013

January Resolve

2013 is now well under way.  The new year feels distinctly less new, and there are not too many working days left of January.  So, how are those resolutions panning out..?

I've always thought of January as somewhat of a clearing space - and tend to spend much of the fresh new year tidying away the old one.  I guess that comes, in part, with the territory of self employment, and the deadlines associated with the tax year.  But there's more besides.  

I am in the habit of tying up loose ends at this time of year.  My annual reflections flow into the new year, as I bridge between one calendar and the next.  I allow this process which might previously have been curtailed by academic terms or other externally imposed deadlines, and enjoy living through it, with an openness and a curiosity that the freshness of spring seems to bring with it.

January feels to have been a productive month.  Much has happened.  The old year has been thought about, before being 'filed', and I feel connected to the excitement of the months that lie ahead.  My diary has an inviting emptiness of it as plans are beginning to take shape, and things are unfolding gently, and in their own time.  

Spring cleaning feels appealing, and I began to take this from the psychological and into the practical in earnest last weekend.  I have been quite literally 'cleaning house'; embarking on a steady process of de-junking, and un-cluttering my physical space.  I have been enjoying the process and an enhanced sense of spaciousness.  Spaciousness for the sake of spaciousness feels very precious.


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