Tuesday, 2 April 2013


I love London.  I also love escaping London.  This weekend was the perfect occasion to get away.  And that's precisely what I did.  I loved getting away, a little after most people had done so.  A spontaneous decision to make haste towards a change of scenery.  Which I appreciated from the moment I woke on Saturday morning.

Rye is a beautiful and quaint town.  It is, in some ways, a quintessential English seaside town.  It made for the ideal retreat.  And whilst I wasn't the only person with this bright idea, this fact took nothing away from the overall blissful experience.  Spending time with a friend I no longer see as often as I'd like to (or probably should, given the reality which is that we are only separated by a couple of hours in the car) was heavenly.  We simply went with the flow over the weekend.  And it all flowed beautifully.  It usually does. 

Walking to Camber Sands, heading into the wind, and then carried home by it, was brilliantly life affirming.  It is all too easy to forget our own aliveness.  And it high time to reconnect with myself, and my breath.  And what better way to do it when on the coast, than with hearty coastal walks.  On Sunday we headed for a different path, and walked along the stunning coast at Fairlight.  The vast expanse of horizon, and rugged scenery made each and every blister more than worthwhile.  A max power mini break.  

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