Saturday, 20 April 2013


If I needed a reminder about why I've undertaken my first sportive this summer, being shown an extraordinary video on YouTube this afternoon sufficed.  I hadn't previously heard of Team Hoyt.  The incredible father and son combo that didn't stop with Marathons but went on to smash Iron Man competitions...

My own training is underway.  I've not got a great deal to report, but it is happening.  The weather has helped.  Enormously.  Each morning that I open my blinds to see sunshine is a blessing.  And I am trying to make the most of it.  This week I've clocked up a few miles a-round town.  It's been fun.  The potholes don't always make for a smooth journey, but the road is rarely smooth however we travel.

I'm eager to get out of the city, and spread my proverbial wings.  I am looking forward to getting out onto open roads and exploring in a more rural setting.  I've got my work cut out.  In a matter of weeks I will be pootling around the Cotswolds, on the 60 mile Ribbon Ride organised by Breast Cancer Care.  It's all building up to my epic sportive in August.  

Summer is here.  Bring it on.  I intend to make use of every opportunity to get out and about.  Have bike, will ride it!

My 1.2 - the long distance and hill climbing machine

My lovely single speed - great for getting around town


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