Sunday, 19 May 2013

Weekend happenings

Weekends are important.  In my case they tend to arrive just when needed - after five rewarding and productive days.  This one was no exception, in that respect anyway.  The contents unfolded beautifully organically and were, to my mind at least, hard to beat.  Swimming in a 50m Lido on Saturday morning was an exceptional way to start off - particularly without a wetsuit!  My blueseventy purchased last year in advance of my Thames mile has yet to be dusted off and reacquainted with the element in which it is most comfortable.  Why I chose to leave it at home on the rather fresh day a morning dip took my fancy, I will be pondering for some time to come.  But I did.

And, as I made my way towards my lane of choice, I noticed a feint hint of amusement in the lifeguard's eye. Novice, he thought.  I think on finishing my fortieth length, albeit rather cold and (Charlotte now tells me) beginning to sound rather incoherent, he had re-evaluated his bias towards swimmers choosing to go 'naked'.  I was just a little proud of my achievements, and felt suitably rewarded by the delicious pastry and by then much needed hot cuppa which awaited us at the Blackbird Bakery.

Charlotte's stroke is coming along nicely and will, I'm confident, stand her in good stead at the upcoming Aquathlon and then the Shock Absorber WomenOnly Triathlon.  I was delighted to share a few observations as we swam in the great outdoors; she in appropriate attire, me not.  

Today's weather bore little, if any, relation to the forecast.  Which was a good thing.  It made for a splendid day to get out and get going a-round the Park a few times.  And I could not have asked for finer company to do so, bumping into Charlotte and Sam, and then reconnecting with my dear cousin for the first time in fifteen years.  Much has happened in between, but we've both picked up bikes and are putting them to good use.  A timely reminder of the significance of families:  those we are born into, and those we create for ourselves along the way.  All of us can have both - a family of origin, and a family of choice.  

"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: 
Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one." 
Jane Howard, 'Families'

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