Friday, 21 June 2013

The pleasure principle

I don't drink, but I do celebrate.  With ice cream.  From time to time.  It's something of a not-so-guilty-pleasure.  But not just any old ice cream.  It has to be gelato.  Today there was little excuse needed.  There was, and is, much to celebrate.  The sunshine had emerged, against all the odds.  The working week was officially over (though in my case, not quite finished) and it being the longest day of 2013, summer is deemed to have arrived.  I ordered mine without compunction.  Lunch seemed but a distant memory, and I had a busy evening planned...

the art of moderation...

Appreciating my chosen cone, connected to a very young part of myself it occurred to me...  Pleasure is important.  I have attracted a variety of strange looks, including suspicion, when asking a new client what it is that they enjoy doing.  I am well experienced in this line of inquiry.  It appears to be a difficult question to answer.  This doesn't deter me.  I thrive in the quest for hard to find answers.  Knowing what it is that's important to us, what it is that we enjoy, and how to have fun, are all vital pieces to the jigsaw most of us are looking to play.  

Making time for the things we enjoy doing is a whole different issue.  And one that, quite often requires mastery through practice.  For some of us, it is our routines that set us free.  Paradoxically, scheduling somehow makes time.  And so we move closer to the balance for which we aspire.        

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