Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Starting over

Each day is a new day.  Full of potential.  Today is one day. Tomorrow is another day. Tonight represents an opportunity to start over. Afresh.  Anew.  And press re-set.

New Year's Eve looks rather different for me these days.  If all goes to plan, this evening will be much like many other evenings.  And at the same time quite different.  For no two nights are ever truly the same:  I am not the person I was yesterday evening, and I will not be the same person tomorrow, either.  We none of us will be.

But, just for today, I don't intend to celebrate the dawn of the new year with a glass of anything.  Mine will likely be a mug of tea.  A favourite mug.  With fresh mint, most likely.

For, these days, I don't even indulge in caffeine after dark.

I did however have the most delicious Darjeeling Broken Orange Pekoe this afternoon. Sitting in the finest company, this sumptuous teatime treat was poured from a divine silver teapot, through a delicate little strainer, into a porcelain cup which sat upon a matching saucer.  

It indulged all the senses.  And seemed like quite the perfect way to toast the end of one year and the commencement of the next.

Today I feel grateful to know the meaning of real happiness.

Travelling home at around the same time that many will be applying the finishing touches to their NYE outfits and makeup, brought a quiet little smile to my face.  

Walking the length of the almost empty platform, I took delight in the fact that, not for the first time, mine shall be a sober night.  

The throng gathering on the opposite platform were surely making up for my abstinence.  And the rest.  

Just for today, after quite a few days (weeks, and years) of not having lifted a glass containing alcohol, the thought rarely crosses my mind.  I am looking forward to seeing the early morning of New Year's Day and, without wishing to sound too smug, attending a three hour yoga workshop in which I am hoping to connect with, and set, my intentions for the new year that beckons.  

For, whilst tomorrow will, in some ways, be much like any other day, I am resolute in the fact that 2014 will be a year to remember.  And there's a far greater chance of me doing so, without a drink.

Happy New Year!
...wishing you and yours a fruitful, rewarding and companionable year ahead

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