Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Body in Mind

My physio appointments are about far, far, more than my physiological wellbeing.  Whilst important to attend to the aches that I am increasingly conscious of (the perils of age?), my fortnightly appointment treats body and mind.

Mindfulness meditation has been the tool that I have used to sharpen my awareness, and I have for some time now held only very loosely the concept of any duality between mind and body.  The approach of my preferred practitioner resonates very closely with the understanding I hold when I seek to look after my body-in-mind.  

I seek to look after the housing, acknowledging the toll that everyday life exerts on my body.  The treatment enables me to reconnect with my physical self.  It is more than maintenance:  it prevents injury and promotes repair.  Time spent in my body in this way gives my mind real time out.  

Take care of your body.  It's the only place you have to live.
Jim Rohn

Do something today your future self will thank you for.

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