Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Stopping to start again

My body tells me it is unhappy.  Physically, 2016 does not feel to have got off to the best start for me...  

I have been plagued by several bugs which feel to have got me in their grips one after the other.  Or perhaps I have failed to shake off the original which has lurked within my system.

We are beyond honey and lemon.  I have exhausted my supplies of Echinacea drops and Manuka honey.  

Paracetamol, ibuprofen and decongestant have all been surrendered to.  And now antibiotics have been introduced to the mix.  I must confess to feeling somewhat self piteous.  In all likelihood I have a chest infection.  I only hope it will respond to the prescribed penicillin.

As my GP efficiently signed the script that had only just emerged from the printer, we discussed how long I was to consider myself 'signed off' for.  

As a self employed practitioner I have nobody to give my sick note to, but my doctor knows that its best practice to issue me with one in any event.  The parting sentiment as I left the room was loud and clear:  Healer, heal thyself.

In the circumstances, I cannot fail to acknowledge there really is only so much I can do.  There is something I must do.  And that is rest...  

My experience, strength and hope / Top tips for beating a cold:

Have a bath  the steam is good for irritated nasal passages
Boost your fluid intake  to prevent dehydration and soothe a sore throat, extra fluids will help to thin mucus and reduce the risk of further infection
Use a nasal spray  give your nose some much needed TLC by easing stuffiness, clearing the passages and allowing the mucus to move along (have tissues at the ready!)  Neutral saline sprays are gentler than the medicated variety which can lead to rebound congestion later on
Gargling with salted water  can help to relieve a sore throat and will prevent further infection
Get extra sleep  allowing your body to access its natural immune reserves helps you to heal
Feed your cold  frequent nourishing meals and snacks will help your body to recover
Supplements  Vit. C, Echinacea, Zinc, Garlic can help but are best taken at the very beginning of a cold
Rest up  exercise is probably not a good idea when you're not at your best - it may slow down your recovery, you are at a greater risk of injury and you may pass on the bug to others!

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